Skratch Bastid & the Gaff 'Soul Sisters Stand Up!'

Skratch Bastid & the Gaff 'Soul Sisters Stand Up!'
Beyond being acclaimed Canadian DJs, Skratch Bastid and the Gaff share a love for '60s- and '70s-era soul music. Over the past couple of years, the pair have been prepping a mixtape showcasing some of their favourite female singers, and today (July 17) they've launched the finished project, Soul Sisters Stand Up!

Featuring songs from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross and Bettye LaVette, among others, the 53-track offering can be streamed and downloaded down below.

In a statement, Skratch Bastid described the set as "a snapshot of love, pain, happiness, oppression, strength, struggle, and more from an era when records were the primary outlet for these voices. These messages are driven home by the beats and grooves from what is undeniably the funkiest decade in music history."

Of his and the Gaff's beatsmithing behind the originals, he said, "Gaff and I spent countless hours figuring out just how to give you the goods, and here it is. Recommended to be bumped on a nice system with bass, but that goes without saying."

While you can download the set for free, both DJs will be at Toronto's Revival Bar on July 27 for a release party with limited physical CDs in tow.