Skilled Mechanics "Boy" (video)

Skilled Mechanics 'Boy' (video)
In addition to showing up on Massive Attack's new EP, electronic vet Tricky is spending his 2016 plugging an LP release with his Skilled Mechanics project. With the latter, he's unveiled a bleak, boxing-themed video for their self-titled debut's "Boy."

The narrative for the minimalist, desolate electronic piece finds Tricky discussing a complicated relationship with an absent, forgetful dad, the suicide of his mother, and his entrance into the music industry.

The visuals, co-directed by Tricky and Darrel Pursey, somewhat tap into the dark spirit of the piece, with a young boxer enduring training sessions, late-night runs and frequent visits to a graveyard.

You'll find the pensive pugilist do his thing to Skilled Mechanics' new tune down below.