Sissy Wish The Six Feet Tall

Sissy Wish is actually just a lone Norwegian, Stig Walberg, who attended the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in England. Her time in school must have paid off because her debut EP, The Six Feet Tall, has some very fine moments. The EP peaks on the very first song. "The Six Feet Tall” is a hugely enjoyable pop tune that hurtles along at great speed, with a driving beat and multi-layered harmonies in the chorus, which shows that Walberg is more than capable of writing a song that will stay in your head for days to come. After that adrenaline rush, the other three songs might initially seem a little disappointing, but they help to show her range, eliciting comparisons with Tori Amos and Kate Bush. But those songs lack the immediacy of the title track, so hopefully she will focus on the poppier moments on her forthcoming album. (Bauta)