Silver Sunshine A Small Pocket of Pure Spirit

San Diego’s Silver Sunshine are carrying a great weight on their shoulders. They’ve been labelled the band to bring psychedelic music to a new generation of fans, and while they’ve demonstrated some talent for that particular genre, they aren’t quite there yet. They do have one major advantage over so many other bands from the same genre: authenticity, and they are continuing to improve with age. Silver Sunshine have succeeded in distilling their essence down to a mere five songs while still standing as majestically as they did on their eponymous 2004 debut. If anything, this EP is even more successful because its brevity prevents the band from indulging in their psychedelic excesses. Their songwriting has also improved, with the new songs sounding a lot less like pastiches of Nuggets tracks and more like their own work. There is definitely still a huge influence from the likes of the Beatles and the other usual suspects, but the band have evolved since their last release and they sound all the better for it. Make the most of this wonderful, brief snapshot though because the band promise that their next album will have a more progressive sound, so that could mean that the lovely psychedelia of A Small Pocket Of Pure Spirit might be left behind them. (Empyrean)