Silver Sunshine Silver Sunshine

Signed on the strength of an impressive three-track demo, San Diego’s Silver Sunshine have obviously done their psychedelic homework. They must have been reared on Nuggets to have a sound that could have made them the darlings of the Elephant 6 crowd a few years ago. They create such a glorious noise that makes it tough to decide whether this is a new record or the reissue of an obscure gem from years gone by. Almost every song has a familiar feel to it, conjuring up comparisons to the Move, the Kinks and the Beatles’ more psychedelic moments, but they never go too far in their obvious regards for their musical heroes. Instead, they succeed in composing songs that could have been recorded any time during the past 40 years, yet sound fresh. The band do make a couple of missteps though, with a couple of songs that are just too over-the-top for their own good. The lyrics almost reach the level of parody at times with their talk of candy canes and giant paper aeroplanes, but manage to stop short of going too far, making Silver Sunshine a surprisingly enjoyable debut. (Empyrean)