Silver Sun "Bubblegum"

Silver Sun 'Bubblegum'
Unless you are a devout anglophile, you may not be familiar with this London quartet, but in the late ’90s Silver Sun were one of the budding acts rising from the ashes of what was fatally labelled Britpop. Along with bands like Ash, Super Furry Animals and Kenickie, Silver Sun burst out of Britain’s power pop scene with an irresistibly flavourful vigour that definitely gave the UK plenty of succulent records. After disappearing for an unprecedented six years, the same line-up is back with a new single. "Bubblegum" tells no lies, cranking up the saccharine-filled amps to their maximum, renewing their status as power pop champs and saving the band from those dreaded "Where are they now?" columns. A new album, Disappear Here is set for a UK release early next year. (