Silver Scooter Goodbye

Sometimes I don't think I get to use the expression "pleasant surprise" often enough when writing about music. Hailing from Austin, TX, Silver Scooter is a band in love with both pop music and their guitars. There is something eminently likeable about the music that they produce - melodic pop in the vein of Versus and their ilk - and they also have a real knack for writing songs that stick in your head. The lead track, "Goodbye‚" is a wonderful slab of melancholy that builds to a satisfying string-laden climax. There's a touch of New Order in both the bass line and the vocal delivery here, which only adds to the attractiveness of it all. The other two original songs are equally impressive, implying they can't take a wrong step. The EP is capped off with a remarkably faithful cover of New Order's "Run" (not a complete surprise, really), and I am left feeling pretty excited about the prospect of the forthcoming album from these guys. (Peek-A-Boo)