Silent Drive Love Is Worth It

This is certainly not a record you would expect from members of Bane and Drowningman. While some songs offer up screaming aggression, like the opener "4/16,” several offer much softer sonic textures, such as the standout track "Broken Hearts Club.” Not quite emo and not quite hardcore, the Silent Drive represent the sound of four individuals who are acutely aware of the music they want to create. Familiar without being unoriginal, songs like "American Classic” utilise classic sounds and structures while twisting them in a unique way, be it the layered texturing of Zach Jordan’s vocals or the unique bass work of Pete Chilton, who also designed the record’s gorgeous artwork. While a few tracks fall a little flat, like the brooding Radiohead-esque "Davey Crocket,” most exemplify the talent of these four individuals, who collectively have created an interesting, unique, and emotional listening experience. (Equal Vision)