Siege Of Hate Subversive By Nature

It’s refreshing to hear an album chock full of speedy grindpunk like this, with an inviting, real-sounding production. Brazil’s Siege Of Hate, right down to that name, are very reminiscent of early to mid-era Napalm Death, but any UK crusted-over grind unit from that era does. With the mandatory, nihilistic lyrics touching upon social and political issues (although not as extreme as Propagandhi), the dumbed-down punk riffs clash with cool grind guitar work, with tempos ranging from fast to faster. With an enjoyable vocal bark, these 20 songs (in 30 minutes) are by no means anything new, but it’s one of the better stabs at this sort of thing. A goofy bonus track that’s actually funny is included, making it hard to go wrong with this one. (Karmageddon)