Siege Drop Dead

If Siege had come out today, there’s no way on God’s green Earth they would have survived a year… oh, wait. With all due respect, this re-release of 1984 noise/hardcore is admirable for its progressiveness in being extreme crossover before even Cryptic Slaughter fully had a handle on things, but at the end of the day, the whole affair reeks of, well, noise. Isn’t it beautiful? Guttural grunting is barely audible let alone decipherable; the tin-can production values relegate anything on a sub-sonic level into mush and the hyperactivity of the blast beats feels off-time and just short of cacophony. Were it not for the bald pate on the singer and overall denim and dime store appearance of the band, this would be Norwegian black metal years before the whole Mayhem disaster. It’s amusing to think that modern hardcore such as Tragedy et al are a step back from a no-holds-barred barrage like this. But if Drop Dead didn’t have the aura of being recorded in a cold cellar by a bunch of miscreants with no future, it wouldn’t have such deliciously evil/naughty/underground grit. Fucking brilliant. (Deranged)