Sid Six Sid Six

Sid Six are probably more famous in Hollywood than they are in their native Canada. That's because they managed to place third in some international songwriting competition down there with a song, "20one." And it isn't even the strongest track on this, their self-titled debut album. Singer Rob Joy has been kicking around musically for a few years in Toronto, most notably with the self-proclaimed happy folk-pop band the Shadow Puppets, while the other band members came from other, heavier bands - not that you'd ever guess from the poppy confections on display here. Sid Six doesn't do anything complicated, just a standard guitar power-pop type thing that Canadian bands like the Doughboys did for years. Still, when it's done well it can be pretty damned irresistible and for the most part, Sid Six do it well enough. Tracks like "Mysterio" and "Spacemobile" jump right out at you and make for a powerful opening. The album loses a little bit of steam in the middle, but then picks up beautifully again with the final few tracks. An assured debut that has enough notable tunes that Sid Six have a strong enough foundation to build upon. (Blam-O)