Sick of It All Return with 'The Last Act of Defiance'

Sick of It All Return with 'The Last Act of Defiance'
Classic NYHC crew Sick of It All have announced it's "Clobberin' Time" again, with news of their first album of new material in four years set to hit stereos this fall. Their next album, The Last Act of Defiance, arrives in North American stores on September 30 through Century Media and a day earlier overseas.

While the band re-recorded a handful of older tracks for 2011's Nonstop, the upcoming 14-song effort is the first proper batch of bashers since 2010's Based on a True Story. The new album was produced at Staten Island, NY's Nova Studio with producer Tue Madsen, who had also worked with the group on Based on a True Story and 2006's Death to Tyrants. The producer later mixed the LP at his Antfarm Studio in Denmark.

"Not only do we get along famously, but he has always understood how to capture the band's intensity in the quietly controlled, less-than-intense studio setting," drummer Armand Majidi explained of returning to the studio with longtime collaborator.

While previews from the set have yet to arrive, Majidi described The Last Act of Defiance as "a hardcore record that has everything, from blistering speed to bouncing groove, to heavy and pounding to bright and melodic."

You'll find the full tracklisting down below, and Ernie Parada's fang-baring cover art up above.

The Last Act of Defiance:

1. Sound The Alarm

2. 2061

3. Road Less Traveled

4. Get Bronx

5. Part Of History

6. Losing War

7. Never Back Down

8. Facing The Abyss

9. Act Your Rage

10. Disconnect Your Flesh

11. Beltway Getaway

12. Sidelined

13. Outgunned

14. DNC