Sick of It All Re-Record Their Classics for 'Nonstop'

Sick of It All Re-Record Their Classics for 'Nonstop'
To paraphrase KRS-One's rant on their 1989 album Blood, Sweat and No Tears, Sick of It All have been spreading the hardcore reality since the mid-'80s. With 2011 marking the 25th anniversary of the New York-based mainstays, the quartet will celebrate the milestone with a collection of re-recorded classics plucked from all over their hefty back catalogue.

The collection, titled Nonstop, was recorded at Danish recording facility Antfarm Studios by Tue Madsen (the Haunted, Suicide Silence) and features 20 reworked SOIA tunes. Reaching as far back as their 1987 self-titled seven-inch ("Clobberin Time," "Friends Like You"), the disc also highlights their brief major label period in the mid-'90s, with tracks pulled from Scratch the Surface and Built to Last.

You can check the tracklisting below and the artwork, which replicates that of their debut EP, up above.

Of the record, the band issued the following statement:

It was a fun recording session, and a relatively easy one because we're so used to playing so many of these songs live. They're like second nature. Most of these songs make their way into our live sets all the time, so they're current -- they reach new ears and are constantly refreshed by their exposure to a brand new audience. It's not like they had to be dusted off. We changed tempos mostly and some of the arrangements, but we didn't want to do anything too drastic. We wanted to keep most of the songs true to the originals, but with a more powerful sound that we feel makes them all they can be.

Nonstop comes out November 1 on Century Media.


1. "Clobberin' Time"

2. "Injustice System!"

3. "Sanctuary"

4. "Scratch The Surface"

5. "Us Vs. Them"

6. "The Deal"

7. "Just Look Around"

8. "Ratpack"

9. "World Full Of Hate"

10. "Pushed Too Far"

11. "GI Joe Headstomp"

12. "Never Measure Up"

13. "Chip Away"

14. "Busted"

15. "Locomotive"

16. "My Life"

17. "Friends Like You"

18. "Relentless"

19. "No Labels"

20. "Built To Last"