Sick of Bad Live Sound? Check Out These Earbuds

Sick of Bad Live Sound? Check Out These Earbuds
Sick of enduring cruddy sound at live shows? A company called Doppler Labs is proposing a solution: a set of earbuds that allow you to tweak the volume and EQ of real-world sounds.

The product is called the Here Active Listening System, and it's currently being funded through a Kickstarter drive. The buds connect wirelessly to a smartphone app and allow to you alter the sound of a live, real-world environment. This means users can live-mix a concert to their liking, but it could also be useful on airplanes, sporting events or any other loud places.

Users can add effects like reverb, flange or echo. There's even an effect to make things sound like a vinyl record, and presets to help turn down frequencies associated with airplane engines, crying babies or chattering voices.

The makers explain, "Put simply, earbuds are for listening to recorded audio. Here buds are for engaging with real world sound."

The retail price will be $249 USD ($310 CAD), but they're currently available on Kickstarter for $179 USD ($223 CAD). There are also some pricier options, so go to the campaign to check it out and learn more about the Here Active Listening System.

As of press time, the campaign has raised over $214,000 of its $250,000 goal, and there are still 27 days to go.