Sia "Eye of the Needle" (Bounce Remix ft. Big Freedia)

Sia 'Eye of the Needle' (Bounce Remix ft. Big Freedia)
Adult Swim's 2015 Singles program had to juggle its schedule a bit, meaning we're getting a free Sia song a week earlier than we had anticipated. While a Skrillex track has been delayed, you can find solace in the bouncing revamp of Sia's 1000 Forms of Fear track "Eye of the Needle," which comes courtesy of Big Freedia.

The track has been given a snappier treatment from Freedia, with Sia's vocals now resting above a juxtaposed blend of spacious piano, fast-clacking percussion and twitchy vocal samples. Also added is an adversity-combating rap verse from Freedia, which calls for us to dry our eyes and smile. After all, we've got a new remix to help us through the bad times.

Will the track cheer you up? You can determine this for yourself by giving the "Eye of the Needle" remix down below.