Shop Assistants Album To Be Reissued By Cherry Red

Shop Assistants Album To Be Reissued By Cherry Red
If you’ve been on the lookout for a copy of the Shop Assistants’ long-out-of-print Will Anything Happen, you’ll be happy to know it's finally getting a much-needed reissue treatment. Courtesy of Cherry Red, the pop staple by the ’80s Scottish outfit is resurfacing on October 20, giving grizzled indie-poppers a chance to embrace some nostalgia and allowing newbies to better grasp Vivian Girls.

The shambolic but utterly sweet Will Anything Happen was originally released back in 1986 on the Chrysalis Records offshoot Blue Guitar and was in fact the Shop Assistants’ only proper full-length. The record became a favourite of the late John Peel and actually Morrissey as well, who called "All Day Long” one of his favourite tracks of ’86.

The Cherry Red version comes with only two bonus tracks: "Looking Back” and "All Day Long (Slow Version).” Fortunately, Will Anything Happen was perfect just the way it was.

Here is the tracklisting

1. "I Don't Wanna Be Friends with You”
2. "All Day Long 3. Before I Wake”
4. "Caledonian Road”
5. "All That Ever Mattered”
6. "Fixed Grin”
7. "Somewhere in China”
8. "Train from Kansas City”
9. "Home Again”
10. "Seems to Be”
11. "After Dark”
12. "All of the Time”
13. "What a Way To Die”
14. "Nature Lover”
15. "Looking Back”
16. "All Day Long (Slow Version)”

Shop Assistants "I Don't Want to Be Friends with You”