Shocore Devil Rock Disco

Wacky little release here, with Shocore exuding more youthful energy on one album than I have in five years. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, and featuring ex-DDT alumni in their ranks, Shocore bounce around between wiggly, wacky funk; fast, Warped, Snojam core and slower, sleazier stonier rock. The whole thing has a vibe of light-heartedness, goofiness and big after-show parties. That's fine and dandy, but something about this sort of stuff always grated on my nerves; images of slapping bass, goofy faces directly in front of the camera and stupid lyrics leave me stumbling to my Anathema and Neurosis albums every time. For the young and restless, check out Shocore. Apparently, Lars Ulrich liked them enough to fund their demo too, and I can't figure out if that's another point for or against them. (Linus)