Shock Cinema Our Way to Revenge

Shock Cinema exist in that world where bluesy garage rock meets punk on the dance floor. And with a few drinks under your belt, it isn’t such a bad place to be. The Brooklyn-based band (which features Miyuki Furtado of Rogers Sisters fame) churn out overdriven guitars, brawny drum patterns and bratty cool-girl vocals, courtesy of Destiny Ming Wan Montague and her over-the-top rock handle. The resulting sonic assembly on Shock Cinema’s debut EP, Our Way to Revenge, sits somewhere between the Long Blondes and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but in a darker, scrappier corner. And again, this isn’t horrible territory. However, the whole garage punk dance thing has been tapped pretty hard in recent years, making Shock Cinema not the most original band around. Hopefully, by the time the group’s full-length rolls around, Shock Cinema will have learned a few new tricks. But in the meantime, this EP is still good for a few dances. (Kanine)