Shitty Neighbours "Reputation"

Shitty Neighbours 'Reputation'
B.C.-based troupe Shitty Neighbours spread their garage rock gospel last year on a Canadian tour, and have now hit back with a new tune called "Reputation."

Recorded at Felix Fung's Little Red Sounds in Vancouver, the track presents the recently beefed-up four-piece lineup cranking out a quick and dirty rocker full of Jay Reatard-style hooks and sneering vocals. Considering the 'tude, not to mention their moniker, you might be ready to shake your finger at these punk rock scallywags, but they implore you not to judge 'em too harshly ("You don't know nothing about my life").

"Reputation," which you can stream below or on their Bandcamp page, will apparently pop up on an upcoming single, though details have yet to arrive.