Shit From Hell "Mayor on Crack?" (video)

Shit From Hell 'Mayor on Crack?' (video)
Shit From Hell, the politically charged punk band of outspoken Liberal Party figure Warren Kinsella, have just followed up their 2012 LP Why Do You Hate Me? with a new, highly topical song and video called "Mayor on Crack."

In a press release, guitarist Ritalin Boy (aka Rolf Dinsdale) said, "Some may say the Ford crack scandal is serious, and we agree. But, at a certain point, you have to laugh, too. That's why we decided to do the song and the video — to satirize one of the biggest scandals in Canadian political history."

The video sees the band performing live, interspersed with footage of Rob Ford's animated clip from the Taiwanese news company Next Media Animation.

Check out the video for the track below.