SHIRAZI "Slow Movin'" (video)

SHIRAZI 'Slow Movin'' (video)
Writer, musician and activist Sara O. Shahsavari may be familiar to some for her work in Peterborough-based band Television Rd, but right now, she's ready to roll out a brand new solo endeavour under the moniker of SHIRAZI.
Her debut EP, The Greener Garden, explores elements of R&B, psych-pop and jazz, brought to life with guitar, a Wurlitzer keyboard, sax and synths played by Shahsavari herself, while her Television Rd colleague Daniel Collins pitches in on bass, drums and a delay pedal.
The songs hear Shahsavari mining her own path of self-discovery, coming to terms with mental health struggles and "shitty people."
"Slow Movin'" serves as the EP opener, and kicks things off on a surprisingly optimistic note. The DIY video captures that sentiment with shots of vibrant flowers and floating jellyfish, though there are also plenty of gloomier, darkly lit shots of SHIRAZI dancing and playing guitar.
Check out the video for "Slow Movin'" below.