Shinsei Kamattechan "Kitto Yoku Naru Sa" (video)

Shinsei Kamattechan 'Kitto Yoku Naru Sa' (video)
While indie-rock forward-thinkers Shinsei Kamattechan continue to be strictly a very Japanese phenomenon, we have the feeling they could care less. After all, their latest video might be as Japanese as it get — or at least without turning into some massively frustrating cliché.

Taken from the band's recent mini-album Natsu. Install, the video is from the track "Kitto Yoku Naru Sa." Throughout, we get to witness a whole bunch of common people living their daily lives, from book store clerks, to taxi drives, to commuters and burnt-out salary men. All the while, ever-charismatic frontman Noko and co. prowl the streets before doing an outdoors-set show.

Watch it play out below.

At the bottom of the page, you can also find a trailer for Natsu. Install. In North America, you can pick up the record here.