Shaq Returns to the Rap Game, Disses Kobe

Shaq Returns to the Rap Game, Disses Kobe
Watch out Kobe, Shaq is back on he mic dropping lyrical bombs again. Taking pleasure in his ex-teammate's recent loss in the NBA finals, former Los Angeles Laker Shaquille O'Neal hopped up on the stage of a New York club Sunday (June 22) night and "freestyled" some verses that ended with the surprisingly catchy chorus of "Kobe, Tell Me How My Ass Tastes" - or so the participating crowd thought.

No stranger to the rap game, Shaq has released five albums, two soundtracks (Kazaam and Steel) and a "best of" compilation in his illustrious music career, the greatest of which - most people would argue - is the 1994 masterpiece, Shaq-Fu: Da Return, for its title alone.

Here are some other tasters displaying his rhyming prowess:

Believing he is Biggie Smalls incarnate: "I call myself BIG, because I live next to Diddy/Diddy, lives next to me, so in the hood dog I feel like B.I.G/And if Biggie was still here he would be right there..." Poking fun of the Lakers' loss: "You know how I be/Last week Kobe couldn't do without me..."

Addressing Kobe Bryant's statement to the police during his rape charges: "I'm a horse, Kobe ratted me out/That's why I'm getting divorced/He said Shaq gave a [expletive] a mil/I don't do that 'cause my name's Shaquille."

Luckily both TMZ and Funny Or Die uploaded a video of the performance, which is as awesome and excruciating as you'd imagine...