Shapeshifters Adopted By Aliens

"If you haven't yet heard of the legendary Shapeshifters crew by now/ Well then with your brand new Sharpie marker darken in a box/ Or mark an "x" next to which one best describes your behaviour...," rhymes Circus on the opening track to the Shapeshifters' newest album, Adopted By Aliens, before giving the options that include denial, fear and ignorance. And while they're all good reasons, the main reason most people haven't heard of the Shapeshifters is lack of marketing; they lack the resources to really reach everybody. But that shouldn't last long. Love them or hate them, you will remember them. Their music is strange, spaced-out, b-boy hip-hop and Adopted By Aliens, their third collection of music, is no different - just better. Previous releases have demonstrated a high level of creative experimentalism, but it seemed they sometimes included concoctions that did not fully gel, often due to poor mixing. This time every song sounds right and with the Shapeshifters crew having so many members, there's a fair bit of variety. With Adoped By Aliens, a near flawless modern classic, the Shapeshifters prove they might just be the new Wu-tang Clan (before they fell off, of course). (Celestial)