The Shanks "Get Cut Tonight" (video)

The Shanks 'Get Cut Tonight' (video)
Canadian rock dudes the Shanks have an album called Surfing the Lexicon due out at the end of September through Phratry Records, and they've shared a video for the song "Get Cut Tonight."

The clip for this melodic rock cut is filled with cryptically peculiar scenes, the common denominator of which is wine. We see a man slumbering beside his bottle of wine while ballet dancers frolic around him, while a masked man force-feeds alcohol someone in what looks like a dentist chair. Later, a butler pours wine into a car's gas tank and a hitman carries out a drive-by using a machine gun hooked up to — you guessed it — a bottle of wine.

We'll leave you with this official description that accompanies the clip on YouTube:

On that hot afternoon, the Colonel sneaked into the great house and released the dangerous and shameless succubus he had stored in a body-bag. As far as exacting ultimate revenge for the public humiliation he had endured at the tip of von Shankenstein's sharp tounge at a socialist military academy years earlier, everything was going to plan as a terrible dream unfolded detailing the destruction of his enemy's palate and the fruitless machinations of recovery ripped a horrible path through the victim's mind but unbeknownst to the Colonel or to von Shankenstein's valet, the indefatigable napper was somehow, within the depths of his wine-besotted being, able to summon a mighty avatar protector who arose and did fierce and mighty battle with the evil temptress. At the height of the nightmare, the choice to receive a full blast of the cellar's charms from maximum-thrust vinous weapon that he had created in his dream yielded an ecstatic tasting of such unbridled pleasure that decisive victory in the spiritual realm was assured. Awakening from his epiphany before the dinner bells are rung, he is once again overwhelmed by sadness, joy and by the intensity of his afternoon hangover. Wassail. Wassail. Wassail again.