Shane Tutmarc "Suicide Weather" (video)

Shane Tutmarc 'Suicide Weather' (video)
Singer-songwriter Shane Tutmarc cut his teeth as the frontman of Dolour with Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes, but in 2010, Tutmarc packed up and moved shop to Nashville. His solo work blends garage rock, folk, blues, country, gospel and pop in a neatly bundled Americana package, and Exclaim! is giving you the first look at his new video for "Suicide Weather."
His debut solo record Borrowed Trouble has been recorded, but put on the backburner until next year with Tutmarc instead delivering a single a month throughout 2015. While the track "Suicide Weather" was unveiled back in April, the accompanying visuals have just arrived.
Featuring a blend of colourful animations and black-and-white footage of Tutmarc performing the tune, it's a simple clip that let's the "rock'n'soul" song shine.