Shabazz Palaces to Return with 'Lese Majesty' This Summer

Shabazz Palaces to Return with 'Lese Majesty' This Summer
Ishmael "Palaceer Lazaro" Butler and Tendai "Baba" Maraire are both involved in Chimurenga Renaissance, a new group with whom they released an album this spring. Now, the pair have returned to their other project, Shabazz Palaces, for a new full-length.

The collection is called Lese Majesty, and it will be out on Sub Pop on July 29. This past weekend, the album premiered at a laser show at the Pacific Science Center's Laser Dome in Seattle.

The Stranger's write-up called it "the future of hip-hop" and said, "There was no need for drugs, or even the dazzling light show, since the music's fathoms-deep dubscapes and strategically predatory beats equaled the angular and smoky psychedelic visuals — each track already dazzled by a universe of deep-space stars, clouds of galactic gases, and the bright trails of wandering balls of ice."

Consider us intrigued.

Complex points out that the title refers to "lèse-majesté," a French term that translates as "injured majesty." This means violating a country's leader, implying that there will likely be a political bent to the album.

Lese Majesty is the follow-up to 2011's Black Up.