Sevens Nines and Tens "Constants & Axioms" / "Kemptville"

Sevens Nines and Tens 'Constants & Axioms' / 'Kemptville'
It's Friday, and some of you have no doubt been crunching numbers all week, whether on a calculator or in your brain while trying to figure out how much time you have left on your coffee break. Vancouver post-hardcore trio Sevens Nines and Tens want you to take five to listen to their new digital single, but we warn you, your spare time may be spent trying to figure out their mathy arrangements.

"Constants & Axioms" starts things up softly, with sky-gazing guitar strums sparkling through the speakers, but eventually the band bring the noise via heavy-handed riffs that conjure Jupiter-era Cave In. Bassist Earl Heath, meanwhile, gets extra technical with his fretboard-scouring bass runs.

"Kemptville" is much more intense, letting loose metalcore-judding, double-kick drum blasts and more in its just-under-two-minute runtime. Just to mess with your mind, though, Heath allows for some jazzy, fretless bass slides to melodically slip through the muck.

You can sample both songs down below, or purchase the digital tracks on either Bandcamp or via the band's label, Nefarious Industries.