Settlefish The Plural of the Choir

Truly coming into their own on this, the band’s second full length release, Settlefish strike a chord of truth and loss that resonates for every one of its 38 minutes. After a reasonably good debut and a somewhat disappointing split release with label mates Sounds Like Violence and Desert City Soundtrack, The Plural of the Choir is the sound of a band who have finally gained a foothold in the aural landscape they are attempting to conquer and also a band who have found their own voice and are now using it to shout as loud as they can. Jonathan Clancy’s vocals are as rough as the songs they accompany, bringing a wounded honesty that evokes the Anniversary’s earlier material. The songs possess a feel more similar to Midwestern emo acts such as Braid and American Football, though the unique structures and occasional moody instrumental breaks, such as "Feeling The Clicks of Our Hearts,” create a feeling that belongs solely to The Plural of the Choir. (Deep Elm)