Set Up for the Weekend with Reviews of Avatar, Broken Embraces, Did You Hear About the Morgans? and More in Exclaim!'s Film Round-Up

Set Up for the Weekend with Reviews of <i>Avatar</i>, <i>Broken Embraces</i>, <i>Did You Hear About the Morgans?</i> and More in Exclaim!'s Film Round-Up
It's the sweet end of another week, and the holidays are now in full swing. If you're planning to squeeze in a couple more theatre trips before the year is out, you'd better hurry. You would also be well-advised to stop by the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed movies section to ensure you catch a good one.

James Cameron's most expensive and visually stunning film, Avatar, is in theatres now, and tells the story of a young military man get embedded with aliens, falls in love and learns to see the conflict from another viewpoint. We don't want to spoil our review, but we will tell you it contains the line, "Next time, spend a half-mil or so on another script pass."

The Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant-starring romcom Did You Hear About the Morgans?, about a metropolitan couple who are forced to slum it in the sticks as part of the witness protection program, also hits theatres this weekend, as does Big River Man, a documentary about Slovenian endurance swimmer Martin Strel's journey down 3,000 miles of the Amazon river.

Also, there is Spanish director Pedro Almodovar's latest film, about the struggle of a filmmaker with his family, titled Broken Embraces, and the latest historical biopic, this time about The Young Victoria.

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