Serial Joe, Len, soulDecision and Other Early-2000s Canadian Radio Staples Are Making a Comeback on TikTok

The golden era of chart-topping CanCon — featuring Fefe Dobson, All Saints, the Moffatts and Shawn Desman — is getting a second life on the app thanks to some nostalgia-fuelled creators

BY Allie GregoryPublished Mar 2, 2021

As we've seen time and time again, TikTok's sheer volume of content, viral-hit-making formula and its mysterious algorithm make the app the perfect breeding ground for the documentation and rediscovery of old-timey music and lesser-explored subcultures. Coming up lately on the app is an unlikely era of music history: the Canadian radio jams of the early 2000s.

Thanks to a slew of young content creators, Canadian Top 40 hitmakers like the Boomtang Boys, All Saints, Len, B4-4, soulDecision, Wave and numerous other artists are seeing new recognition on the app. Whether it's covers of the Weakerthans, choreography videos set to the Moffatts, or stories from elder TikTokkers about Serial Joe, Sum 41 and Alexisonfire's heydays, early-aughts Canadian music has hit the sweet spot of nostalgia and obscurity that TikTok users evidently eat up.

Today, we're taking a trip down memory lane with some of the best TikToks on the subject of established and lesser-remembered Canadian music stars, and below, you can watch a compilation of the app's rediscovery of this country's greatest names in music back in the early years of the new millennium.

Featuring radio smashes from Rascalz, Baby Blue Sound Crew, Jelleestone, Jully BlackJacksoul, Ill Scarlett, Shawn Desman, Skye SweetnamFefe Dobson, and Lillix, as well as persisting alternative favourites and industry veterans like Marianas Trench, Simple Plan, Three Days Grace, Silverstein, Billy Talent, Avril Lavigne and more, these videos highlight the golden era of chart-topping CanCon.

Here are TikTok's Takes on early-2000s Canadian music: 

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