Sensations' Fix's Debut Album 'Fragments of Light' Gets Vinyl Reissue

Sensations' Fix's Debut Album 'Fragments of Light' Gets Vinyl Reissue
Italian composer Franco Falsini and his cosmically minded prog band Sensations' Fix have been celebrated with a couple of reissues lately, and now we've got more good news for fans attempting to track down his records for exorbitant prices on eBay. Sensations' Fix's 1974 debut album, Fragments of Light, will be reissued on vinyl through Superior Viaduct on September 3.

Originally releasing the album on Polydor, Falsini recorded the record in his girlfriend's basement in Virginia using a 4-track machine, and while these rough guitar/synth tracks were originally intended to be demos, they ended up being the final product.

An announcement notes that only one song, "Space Closure," contains drums, while the rest rely on "fluid, meditative guitar leads and innovative use of synthesizers." Most of the songs are instrumental, and you can hear a few of them below.

An announcement makes no mention of any bonus material, so we're assuming this is a simple repress. Given how rare vinyl copies of this record are, that's good enough for us.

Fragments of Light:

1. Fragments of Light
2. Nuclear War in Your Brain
3. Music Is Painting in the Air
4. Windowpax And The Stone Sender
5. Space Energy Age
6. Metafel + Mefalac
7. Space Closure
8. Music Without Gravity
9. Do You Love Me?
10. Life Beyond the Darkness
11. Telepathic Children