Sennen Where The Light Gets In

By taking their name from a Ride song, Sennen suggested from the beginning that they might be drawn towards the shoegazing movement, and their sporadic releases have confirmed it. But in taking their time before releasing their debut, they have been able to expand their range and make the kind of album on which to build a reputation. Where The Light Gets In might not have been quite so successful if it didn’t draw from such a rich and varied palette because while the fuzzed-out guitars of "Blackout” are a great way to start an album, the slower moments, which invariably have a Spiritualized quality, are the ones that remain long after the CD has stopped spinning. The other thing that helps this stand out are the lovely vocal harmonies that go beyond the fragility of Slowdive and veer towards the more robust work of Teenage Fanclub, becoming just as important as the swirling guitars. And that makes for a spectacular album that comes highly recommended. (Hungry Audio)