Sekiden Junior Fiction

Currently making waves in Australia thanks to their relentless touring and tireless work ethic, Boompa! Records now has the pleasure of introducing Canada to the pure pop joy that is Sekiden. Heavily influenced by the synth-heavy sounds of ’80s bands like Duran Duran, Junior Fiction is a happy-sounding power pop record with a decidedly retro slant. Featuring alternating male/female vocals, Sekiden’s songs are at times reminiscent of Canucks, the Salteens, though with a slightly more aggressive sound. Where the Salteens can sound laid-back, however, Sekiden sound as if they are bouncing off the wall every time they hit a chord, giddy with the excitement their music in bringing them. Crunchy, distorted guitars play perfectly against cheesy keyboard sounds; yet the result is anything but tongue in cheek. Rather, the band appear to be playing with all the conviction they can muster, blasting their way through such catchy numbers as the synth-led "Girl League” and the bizarre, but infectious, "Answering Machine.” A worthy listen for the snowy winter days when you need a little sunny pick-me-up. (BOOMPA!)