Sean Leon I Think You've Gone Mad (Or the Sins of the Father)

Sean Leon I Think You've Gone Mad (Or the Sins of the Father)
Scarborough native Sean Leon has finally dropped the first part of his highly anticipated Black Sheep Nirvana trilogy, I Think You've Gone Mad (Or the Sins of the Father). The whopping 20-track project boasts an army of Toronto talent: WondaGurl, Jordan Evans and Eestbound are credited with production, while Daniel Caesar and a l l i e contribute their vocals. Yet, in spite of its killer roster, the second half of the album blurs together somewhat; the project would've benefited from a tighter edit.
I Think You've Gone Mad's highest points evince Leon's complicated relationships with his family. In "Matthew in the Middle," featuring Daniel Caesar, Leon raps about his brother's incarceration: "He had a chain, now he chained / Calling collect with some change." The artist also speaks to his daughter about her mom in "Xylo's Lullaby/Sweet Girls Always Fall for the Monster," suggesting that together, they form a family unit. These personal accounts reflect Leon's catharsis and foster a closer relationship with his audience.
Elsewhere, I Think You've Gone Mad delivers some hype tracks; it's impossible to listen to "81 (Prequel)," "Win" or "Deep End (Off The)" without unconsciously bobbing your head to the beats.
Yet, Leon's search for an identity is evidently incomplete. The MC embodies Travis Scott's gritty sound at times, highlights his love for his daughter in ScHoolboy Q fashion and even cops Kendrick Lamar's "Vice City" flow on "Favourite Rapper/Hundred Million Religion." I Think You've Gone Mad is a worthy introduction to Black Sheep Nirvana, but we hope — and expect — that Leon will get even better as he hones his craft on parts two and three. (Independent)