Scott Hardware Announces New Album 'Ballad of a Tryhard'

Listen to the record's first single "Summer" featuring members of Phèdre, Lee Paradise, Jaunt, Vallens and more
Scott Hardware Announces New Album 'Ballad of a Tryhard'
Toronto's Scott Hardware — a.k.a. Scott Harwood — is back on the scene with the announcement of his third album, Ballad of a Tryhard, arriving March 4 via Telephone Explosion. The musician has also dropped lead single "Summer" to celebrate the news.

Ballad of a Tryhard will serve as a sort of sonic travelogue, as Harwood presents snapshots of the sleepy Mediterranean city Elche where he spent a few weeks. While there, he drifted amongst the deserted streets, lived with a familiar love for the first time and familiarized himself with the architecture of a historical apartment block.

Despite its title, "Summer" — which features contributions from members of Phèdre, Lee Paradise, Jaunt, Vallens, Blunt Chunks and WHIMM — finds Harwood preoccupied with autumn and the complex nature of longing.

"I was born in September, and autumn has always been my favourite season. Fall people love to look back and to dwell in the bittersweetness of memory," he shared in a press release. "This song marks a deep dive into my changing thoughts about nostalgia, seeing it change from cozy romanticism to toxic waste."

This conflict between the tenderness and pain of the past reveals itself throughout the track. Raw, lingering vocals stand against upbeat drum work and propulsive guitar on the track — serving as a promising first taste of Harwood's forthcoming album, his follow-up to 2020's Engel.

Listen to "Summer" below, where you'll also find the album's tracklisting.

Ballad of a Tryhard:

1. Summer
2. Mediterranean
3. Another Day Ending
4. Is Something Wrong Tonight
5. Love Through the Trees
6. Watersnake
7. Dentera
8. Sing Like That
9. Bootleg
10. Underdog