Scott Garth Scott Garth

While the press release might try to convince you that Garth is going to the next Elliot Smith, there’s little evidence of that on what is a particularly ordinary record. In fact, that relative anonymity that comes from listening to the music is reflected in the picture chosen for the front of the CD booklet — just a forgettable head shot of the sensitive singer-songwriter, which is hardly the kind of thing that could potentially inspire, especially because almost anything else would have been an improvement. We’ve all heard and seen everything about Scott Garth’s self-titled debut so many times before that it is remarkably unmoving. Short of a possessing a voice that has a passing resemblance to that of Kurt Cobain, the majority of the material here just doesn’t stand out. There’s nothing particularly bad about the CD, but it is destined to disappear into the sea of other similar albums that are released every year. (My)