Scott Da Ros Scott Da Ros

As the Elementals, Scott Da Ros produced four beats for Bleubird’s Sloppy Doctor, but this little seven-inch, released through his own Endemik label, in conjunction with Move Musics, is his real name debut. Like his previous productions, these two tracks continue the whacked-out industrial rap sounds that are perfectly suited to the political rants of Florida’s Bleubird, who also appears here for both songs (one with Anticon’s Sole). "Monster Mashout” starts out simple and atmospheric as a backdrop for a quick Bluebird monologue, and then kicks in with some crisp, heavy drums and a few layers of samples, occasionally cutting to some beautiful female vocals that serve as a perfect counterpoint to the aggressive beat and vocals. "Humans Bury Deep” also begins simply, but with a slow drum track, while Sole and Bleubird discuss their plans to invade Canada, Mexico and other locales. The drums speed up and add more layers while the other samples remain at a minimum; this one is all about the drums. Sole and Bleubird come off well together and sound great over the Scott Da Ros beat, leaving one to hope someday the trio will come through with a full-length together. (Endemik)