Schneider TM Skoda Mluvit

It’s been five years since the last new full-length from Schneider TM (aka Dirk Dresselhaus). In that time, he’s left Mute and signed with Wichita, recorded with a few collaborators (juvenile delinquents in an underage prison for an experimental double album, and a fantastic Smiths cover with Kptmichigan), toured the world with the Faint and Les Savy Fav, and carefully laid out his third album proper. For those still onboard with Dresselhaus, it’ll be reassuring to know that he hasn’t lost his touch for sophisticated IDM. Škoda Mluvit picks up right where he left off with 2002’s Zoomer, soldering together eccentric beats and glitches, acoustic guitars, lazy vocals and a number of sound effects. Much in the same regard as boundless artists like Beck, it’s all about listening to the textures at work here; a Schneider TM album is always multi-tasking and Dresselhaus has a lot of ideas he wants to incorporate. "More Time” assumes an abrupt Krautrock stance, pushing a neurotic Motorik beat as if Dresselhaus was on the run for his life, and then "Caplets” turns around and nicks a Beatles lyric for a folk song that survives on a diet of guitar strumming and some far-out vibe playing to show he transcends any sort of musical classification. At times, Dresselhaus can wander into some ill-advised terrain where his curiosity gets the best of him, like the wonky rapping in "The Blacksmith,” but these kinds of experiments come with every artist of this ilk. Not as immediately gratifying as Zoomer, Škoda Mluvit safely secures Schneider TM’s status as an innovator in a field that needs more records like this. (Wichita)