Scatter The Ashes Devout/The Modern Hymn

New Epitaph signees Scatter The Ashes are from the punk rock capital of the USA, Nashville, TN. Like a lot of the label’s newer signings, STA have helped broaden Epitaph’s horizon, churning punk into a substance that reaches far beyond the boundaries of three chords, tattoos and Vans. Though they’re likely to be lumped in with the Distillers and Thrice as leaders of the "screamo” movement, STA doesn’t settle for such simplicities. Produced by John Naclerio (Brand New, My Chemical Romance), Devout/The Modern Hymn is a debut album that does a much better job of following up Cave In’s classic Jupiter than the dull Antenna did. That’s not to say that STA is a blatant Cave In clone band, however their admiration for off-kilter rhythms, effects pedals and Rush leanings isn’t exactly fresh. (Epitaph)