Satchel Paige Guy, I'm From Here!

Satchel Paige is the fourth — and final — member of Your Brother In My Backpack to release a solo album. Guy, I’m From Here! is an honest look into the world of Elliott Walsh (aka Ness, Satchel Paige). Your Brother’s the Gumshoe Strut hooks Paige up with very musical, moody beats that will interest fans of P&C-producer Mcenroe. The lyrics are personal and conceptually strong. The songs are all named after the people who have been an influence in Walsh’s life, and the theme of each song is summed up in its title. For example, "Theo’s Gartrelle” is a look back at a young MC who thought he was the shit after only two years, and is named for cocky Theo Huxtable of The Cosby Show. It’s a fun listen; one of the best on the album. There’s also a love song ("Enida Watts,” produced by Frek Sho’s Kutdown and also remixed by Kinetik), an ode to barbershops ("Desmond Ambrose”) and three views on life ("Dwight Yorke”) with guests Gruf the Druid and Shazzam, both of Frek Sho. There’s a lot to take in with only one listen. Guy, I’m From Here! is best appreciated after repeated listens to digest the content. Good thing Paige is the most accessible of the YBIMBP rappers. (Peanuts & Corn)