Santiparro Gets Will Oldham, Kyp Malone for 'True Prayer'

Santiparro Gets Will Oldham, Kyp Malone for 'True Prayer'
Alan Scheurman used to play in bands like Rescue, Ka and Mycomplex, but now the self-described "song-transmitter/artist/healer/human" has a new name: Santiparro. His first album under this moniker is called True Prayer, and it will be out on February 24 through Gnome Life Records.

The album was funded with a very successful Kickstarter campaign, which passed its $11,000 goal by raising an impressive $15,878. For the album, he's assembled an impressive selection of guests. These include Will Oldham, Kyp Malone (TV on the Radio), Adam Wills (Bear in Heaven), Melati Malay (Young Magic) and more.

According to a press release, "True Prayer ushers past the typical psychedelic-folk boundaries to penetrate the mysteries of the spirit world and the outer reaches of expanded consciousness." It's inspired by "ceremonial living," as Scheurman apparently makes frequent pilgrimages to study with shamanic elders.

For a taste of this, hear the Oldham-assisted "The Benefit of Confrontation," which is a spacious folk ballad overlaid with some subtle sonic layering.

True Prayer:

1. Sikuli
2. The New Baktun (ft. Kyp Malone)
3. Total Freedom (ft. Melati Malay, Ben Bromley)
4. In the Golden Room
5. The Universe Strand
6. Pray Awake
7. Indio (ft. Ben Bromley)
8. Darkness With Darkness (ft. Melati Malay)
9. Where We're From
10. The Benefit of Confrontation (ft. Will Oldham)
11. Rainbow in the Night