Sanctums 'Ritual Exhibitions' (mix)

Sanctums 'Ritual Exhibitions' (mix)
To usher in the arrival of fall, ambient-leaning Calgary electronic duo Sanctums have shared a new mix of icy cool sounds called Ritual Exhibitions.

The duo tout the playlist as a "new mix of ambient, drone, indie, & neo classical stuff that has been inspiring us lately." Over its 51-minute runtime, that includes music from Mount Eerie, Forest Swords, James Ruskin, Grouper, Jon Hopkins, Wolves in the Throne Room and Sanctums themselves.

Check out Ritual Exhibitions in its entirety below.


Sanctums "Refuge"
Trentemoller "Metamorphosis"
Iron Age "Prima Materia"
Felix K "Flower of Destruction 5"
Wolves in the Throne Room "Permanent Changes in Consciousness"
Black Rain "Night City. Tokyo (London Version)"
Y0T0 "As a Window Would Be, From Fire"
Young Echo "Radial Sheaves"
Djrum "Arcana (Coda)"
Kahn "Cover Me"
Mount Eerie "Instrumental"
Forest Swords "Onward"
Ssaliva "Trap Night "
James Ruskin "Excerpt 2"
Radiohead "4 Minute Warning"
Shane Carruth "As if it Would Have a Universal and Memorable Ending"
Johan Johansson "There's No Harm Done"
Grouper "Being Her Shadow"
Jon Hopkins "Abandon Window"