San Francisco Punks Crime Celebrated with 'Murder By Guitar' Compilation

San Francisco Punks Crime Celebrated with 'Murder By Guitar' Compilation
Seminal San Francisco punk act Crime originally existed from 1976 to 1982, though their legacy has grown substantially since. While they've certainly managed to make the most of it, reuniting in 2005 and offering up some reissues as well as a new 7-inch in 2010, more material is certainly welcome. Thankfully, they'll be celebrated with a new compilation.

Called Murder by Guitar, the 15-song release collects the band's beloved three singles released along with nine previously unreleased studio recordings. Listen to album tracks "Frustration" and "Piss On Your Dog" below.

Crime were formed by Johnny Strike and Frankie Fix, who were rounded out by a number of bassists and drummers. Most notably, Ricky "Tractor" Williams, later of Flipper, Toiling Midgets and the Sleepers, was the band's original drummer before getting kicked out in 1977.

Superior Viaduct will deliver Murder by Guitar on August 19.

Murder by Guitar:

1. Hot Wire My Heart
2. Baby You're So Repulsive
3. Terminal Boredom
4. Dillinger's Brain
5. Frustration
6. Murder By Guitar
7. Crime Wave
8. Piss On Your Dog
9. TV Blue
10. If Looks Could Kill
11. Lost Soul
12. Rockin' Weird
13. Gangster Funk
14. Maserati
15. San Francisco's Doomed