Janice Whaley Covers Every Smiths Song for Six-Disc Box Set

Janice Whaley Covers Every Smiths Song for Six-Disc Box Set
Did you ever see that movie Julie & Julia (or read the book, The Julie/Julia Project)? It was about a woman, Julie Powell, who decided to cook her way through every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a year. Well, this is kind of like the musical equivalent of that.

The Smiths Project was founded by San Jose-based singer Janice Whaley, who decided to cover all 71 Smiths songs in 2010. Recording on her laptop and reworking each track with hauntingly layered vocal arrangement, she finished ahead of schedule. Now, she's releasing the results of her ambitious experiment as a massive six-disc box set.

Whaley raised funds for the box set using a Kickstarter campaign. She initially aimed to raise $3,500, which covered only the licensing rights for each song. To date, she has managed rake in $14,217 in donations, which will pay for remixing, mastering, distribution and packaging. If you donate $60, you will get the physical box set, as well as a free download of it. If you donate $500 or more, Whaley will record a cover song of your choice.

There's no word as to exactly when the box set will begin shipping, but with her Kickstarter success, we can rest assured that it will be out before long. If you need a little extra convincing to part ways with your hard-earned cash, go to Bandcamp to listen to all 71 tunes.

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