Sam the Record Man Sign Set to Light Up Toronto Once Again

Sam the Record Man Sign Set to Light Up Toronto Once Again
Sam Sniderman's Yonge & Dundas record shop was a musical landmark for generations of Toronto music lovers, but since Sam the Record Man permanently closed its doors back in 2007, the fate of its iconic spinning neon sign has been up in the air — unfortunately, not literally, though. Now, after years of confusion (during which the sign has sat in storage), the massive lit-up pair of records is finally slated to be raised again by the end of this summer.
Ryerson University bought the building that housed Sam's back in 2008, removing the sign that used to tower over the downtown intersection and placing it into storage. The school was granted permission to demolish and rebuild on the property's site, provided it preserve the glowing sign, and a new student learning centre has since been erected where the store used to stand.

City council, meanwhile, voted to reinstall the sign a block away from the shop's former location, on the outside wall of 277 Victoria St.
Back in February, Ryerson announced that the sign had begun to undergo a refurbishing process, but failed to outline an estimated date of completion for the restoration.
Music journalist Nicholas Jennings has now told FYI Music News [via AUX], though, that that sign should be ready to rise again very soon.

"It's going to be restored and hopefully by the end of summer," he said. "It had to go through all kinds of tests, wind tests, engineering studies and what else but it will go on top of a city owned building in Dundas Square and will be prominently visible and light up again, both spinning discs."
He added, "It will serve as a great reminder of the neon glory and role music, record stores and clubs played in the lives of people in this city."