Sam Cash & the Romantic Dogs Vow to 'Stand Together, Fall Together,' Stream New Album on

Sam Cash & the Romantic Dogs Vow to 'Stand Together, Fall Together,' Stream New Album on
We called Sam Cash's debut album, 2011's Teenage Hunger, a "very promising beginning," and now the Toronto songwriter is looking to live up to that promise with the release of a new album. Stand Together, Fall Together is out on September 10 through Cameron House Records, and the whole thing is available to stream now on

The album is credited to Sam Cash & the Romantic Dogs, a band that also features Aaron Comeau, Matt Bailey and Kyle Sullivan. The group penned 30 songs and picked 11 to appear on the album, sometimes forgoing superior tracks in favour of ones that represented them best.

Cash explained in a statement, "We're loud, we're scrappy, we make mistakes when we play — but we're buddies. These songs transmit a feeling — a sort of excitement. That feeling you get when you're 20, and it's the summer time, and you have no idea what is going to happen next — you're scared of girls, but you find them anyway; you're no good in social situations, but you end up making people laugh regardless; you don't think you'll ever be able to hold down a job, but you blink and all of the sudden you have two of them. These songs are about growing up. They are about navigating the adult world to the best of ones ability, without breaking too many hearts."

Ahead of the in-store release, stream the whole album at the bottom of this page. The album is filled with raw rock energy and guitar grit, blending the sounds of rootsy Canadiana with the perky sass of Elvis Costello.

You can also see Cash's upcoming show schedule here. The official album release party is on September 14 at Toronto's Cameron House.