Said the Whale Spinoff Sunny Pompeii Announce Debut Album

Said the Whale Spinoff Sunny Pompeii Announce Debut Album
A few years back, Said the Whale drummer Spencer Schoening emerged with a side-project called Sunny Pompeii. Now, that group have announced their debut full-length. Dubbed Vinegar, it's due out on June 3 through Leisure Suite Records.

For the past couple years, the members of Vancouver four-piece have been scattered throughout the world, with members touring, working overseas or going to school. But they eventually convened to record in jam spaces and friends' houses.

A press release notes, "With no set frontman or habitual method of songwriting, SP's songs are as refreshingly unpredictable as their live shows. They strive to break down the fourth wall and bring the listener into the living room."

The 10 songs range from bright pop rock ("Better Half," "Anchorage") to organic acoustic ballads ("Sleep Like," "Clouuds") to ambitious psychedelia (the 11-and-a-half-minute "Jessica Sun"). Scroll past the tracklist to hear "Brother," which has a rootsy undercurrent to its electrified rock arrangement.


1. Better Half
2. Sleep Like
3. Brother
4. Jessica Sun
5. Leap Years
6. Garbage Island
7. Clouuds
8. Anchorage
9. Waiting Like a Tree
10. Rain Smell