Safety Scissors Tainted Lunch

Matthew Patterson Curry, aka Safety Scissors, found some notoriety in 2001 with his debut album Parts Water, recorded for the prominent Plug Research label. Now signed to ~scape for the release of his second album, Tainted Lunch, Curry has pushed things forward with his hooky glitch pop by recruiting a number of collaborators to bump up his profile. And the work has paid off. Mixed by Vladislav Delay, Tainted Lunch is a convoluted interpretation of synth pop that spreads its scope beyond rudimentary synth and drum machine arrangements into sporadic fractures, prancing beats and unlimited dance floor potential. Erlend Øye duets with Curry’s curious voice on "Sunlight On the Other Side,” a sunny little peculiar collaboration that is only upstaged by the French hush of Stereo Total’s Françoise Cactus on the laidback funk of "L’amour D’cuisine.” This sophomore effort is a well-rounded and wacky record that offers plenty to the electro pop scene. (Scape)