Sadler Vaden "Get You High" (video)

Sadler Vaden 'Get You High' (video)
Sadler Vaden may be known to some as a guitarist in Jason Isbell's live band, but the Charleston, SC-based musician recently stepped out on his own with a debut self-titled solo album. He's ready to share a video for "Get You High" off the new record, and Exclaim! has your first look at it.
The album hears Vaden playing with sounds reminiscent of '70s power-pop, à la Big Star and Badfinger, and "Get You High" perfectly encapsulates the breezy melodies and summery vibes that run throughout the LP. The video also pays homage to pop music's past, riffing on the "slapsticky" feel of the Beatles' classic A Hard Day's Night.

"We chose a comedic theme because I've always been a fan of sketch comedy acts such as Monty Python, Kids in the Hall and Saturday Night Live," Vaden tells Exclaim! "The video was inspired by this pass I was given at a festival outside of Adelaide, Australia. The pass just read 'Backstage Pass' in really hip font and we all thought it was hilarious. That was enough for me to craft a bit of a story."
The goofy clip sees Vaden making multiple attempts to get past a particularly picky bouncer manning the backstage door. Watch him cycle through outfits in an attempt trick the doorman into letting him through the door and onto the stage in the brand new video below.
Sadler Vaden is out now and available here.